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Physical Security Assessments

We will assess your business’s physical security. Securing your logical environment is important, but security should expand to all areas of your organization.


Physical security is the responsibility of every employee and is the first line of defense when protecting your company’s assets. We can assist your organization in taking the necessary steps to protect your personnel and property from damage or harm (such as insider threats, protecting proprietary information, and terrorist attacks).


Assessing Physical Security


Our employees have an extensive background in assessing physical security risks within your organization. We will evaluate your physical security posture by conducting a thorough inspection which includes:


  • Access control protocol

  • Alarm systems and sensors

  • Barriers (physical and natural)

  • Identification system

  • Intrusion detection and electronic surveillance

  • Lighting

  • Locks

  • Policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs)

  • Security personnel (guard services)

  • Video surveillance


ATA will provide an onsite debrief of the assessment and report that will include recommendations on how to improve your physical security posture. Our goal is to help your business deter physical attacks.

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