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Platinum Cyber Security Protection

Platinum Cyber Security Protection™ enables the immediate remediation and reestablishment of the mission and or business operations in the time it takes to reboot the system(s) (60 to 90 seconds) and supports computing platforms including servers, VM servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, virtual desktops systems. Platinum Cyber Security Protection™ is the only mission/business continuity software application to receive the Department of Homeland Security Anti-Terrorism Technology Designation™ and was specifically designed for the protection of the American war fighter and is now available for commercial use.


If any of your customers are challenged with any of the following issues, Platinum Cyber Security Protection™ will solve and or mitigate any or all of these for your customers:


  • Malware and viruses are constantly being removed from systems

  • IT is reimaging systems due to some form of corrupted software

  • Systems not staying in compliance with regulations

  • Employees are adding personal software to company systems

  • System outages have caused customer complaints

  • Helpdesk costs continually increase for software related calls

  • Procedures and or manufacturing are delayed due to system outages

  • Regulators have notified and or fined customer that systems are not in compliance

  • Cyber insurance rates are increased

  • Customer has been sued for loss of data due to cyber breach


Many people at first confuse our solution with Windows Restore, Norton Ghost and Symantec Go-back and as such they feel that they have an adequate mission/business continuity strategy in place that has worked in the past.  Those solutions do provide a good service of restoring a system to a certain point in time unless either the OS gets corrupted and or they have Malware attack the system. When either of those happen it becomes a significant effort to quickly reconstitute that system(s) all the while the mission has been stalled, the system is out of compliance and or sensitive data and or lives are at risk of being compromised. Platinum Cyber Security Protection delivers immediate remediation of corrupted OS's or applications as well as keeping all the systems in compliance.

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