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Platinum Cyber Security Protection


Platinum Cyber Security Protection enables the immediate remediation and reestablishment of the mission and or business operation in the time it takes to reboot the system(s) and supports computing platforms including servers, VM servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and virtual desktop systems.


Platinum Cyber Security Protection is the only mission/business continuity software application to receieve the Department of Homeland Security Anti-Terrorism Technology Designation and was specifically designed for the protection of the American war fighter and is now available for commercial use. 


Intelleges Secured Organized Communication System (SOCS)


Intelleges Secured Organized Communication System (SOCS) is a manged data and document collection web-based platform with strong security controls and support for both desktop and mobile client access.


The main purpose of Intelleges is to allow organizations to collect information (data and documents) as needed at a moment's notice from anyone, anywhere, at any time. 


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