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Apple targeted in recent cyber attack.

The Masque Attack OS X/iOS has was the target recently of what has been referred to as "The Masque Attack." This attack tricks victims into installing malicious apps from third-party app stores, such as Cydia (an unofficial iOS app store available to jailbroken iOS devices) and Lima (a browser-based app installer for jailbroken iPhones). This scheme can be particularly threatening to companies that have BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, as it makes it harder for the IT departments to distinguish fake apps from original ones. This attack is also known to bypass the app sandbox and gain access to root privileges by attacking known iOS vulnerabilities. Discovery We have FireEye mobile secu

Bienvenidos a México

President and CEO Roger Colón recently met with Dynamic Trading Exchange Technologies (DTXT Corporation) to develop a partnership to support the Mexican IRS. ATA will be traveling to Mexico City this week to build this relationship and expand our presence in the Cyber world. This article was published by Alex Nieves, 11/9/2014.