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Display Advertising


Delivering high quality display ads while using the right combination of targeting, placement, ad platform and optimization leads to a successful advertising campaign. Always striving to provide the highest quality campaigns to our clients, we continually perform above standard. 

Technology and Advertising


Understanding and utilizing technology to get an advertising word in today's fast paced society is key. Technological advances have a vital role in increasing everyone's digitial presence, we are committed to aiding you in that process. 

Targeting features to enhance quality of lead


Focusing on targeting will place your ads relevance on a higher scale than other ads that do not target an audience. When your audience is defined and sought after, a higher quality is added to the campaign.


With our ad platforms, we have the ability to provide a range of targeting features that include; geography, time of day, age, gender, topics associated with the search, interests associated with the user, sites/placements and exclusions (in order to protect your brand).


We possess the ability to show ads in multiple ad sizes and welcome the opportunity to do so. 

Hands on approach to all campaigns


Understanding a campaign from creation to conclusion is a vital addition to all successful campaigns run through ATA. Our hands on approach with creation, optimization, analytics and reporting, work to ensure a successful outcome to your advertising needs.



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